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INVT Solar Pump PV Inverters GD100-PV

 INVT GD100-PV Solar Pump PV Inverters

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The INVT GD100-PV Solar Pump Inverters are specially for Solar Pump Applications. GD100-PV series has improved usability and performance. 

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  • Single phase 220V: 0.4 - 2.2kW 
  • Three phase 220V: 0.4- 7.5kW
  • Three phase 380V: 0.75kW - 315kW 
  • Includes PV over-voltage protection, PV polarity reverse warning, auto-derating against over-temperature etc. 
  •  Supports GPRS module


Domestic water, Municipal Water, Agriculture irrigation, forestry irrigation, desert control, energy savings...

INVT GD100-PV Solar Pump Inverter

INVT BPD Series- Solar Pump Inverters

INVT BPD Series- Solar Pump Inverter



INVT BPD Series Inverters


- Specially designed for outdoor solar pumping system with IP65 protection
- With optimized high-quality vector control algorithm, completely meet solar pump control requirements;
-   Support AC &DC input; AC bypass function;
-   Support single phase and three phase 220V pump motor;
-   Switch on/off automatically and manually;
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BPD Model with AC INPUT 380V
BPD 380V 
INVT BPD Series Solar Pump Inverter